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This site is maintained under the NASA/SSC Hyperspectral EOCAP project to support precision agriculture activities in the California San Joaquin Valley, in particular to support the Ag 20/20 program conducted at Mr. Ted Sheely's farm. Data are for use by the project participants and access to cetain data on this site can be obtained through contact with OKSI.

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2003 Remote Sensing Data
Click on a specific plot to access the data available for that plot.
Data from plots with no link are available from OKSI upon special request.

Year 2003 Crop Map 30-1 31-4 31-3 32-3 6-1 5-2 6-3 5-3 4-2 7-2 8-1 8-2 Additional Fields:
USDA South 40
The Sheely Farm is near Lemoore,
San Joaquin Valley, California
USDA Shafter South 40
is near Shafter, California
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Data will be posted to this site as they are collected during the growth season and include:
• Remote sensing sensors
For more information, click on the sensor name.
Sensor Bands & resolution GSD Platform / Altitude (typ.)
Bands @ FWHM
Green (550 nm ), 10 nm
Red (660 nm ), 10 nm
NIR (850 nm ), 40 nm
TIR (7 to 14 µm)
5,000 ft. - 0.6 meters in VNIR; 3.2 meters in TIR
9,500 ft. - 1.2 meters in VNIR; 6.2 meters in TIR
Cessna 206/210,
5,000 ft. (USDA)
9,5000 ft. (Sheely Farm)
OKSI Airborne Visible and Near InfraRed Sensor (AVNIR)
60 bands,
430 to 1,012 nm,
~10 nm increments,
~10 nm FWHM
5,000 ft. - 0.8 meters
9,500 ft. - 1.6 meters
Panchromatic: 0.45 - 0.90 µm,
Multispectral (@ FWHM):
Band 1 (B) = 450 - 520 nm
Band 2 (G) = 520 - 600 nm
Band 3 (R) = 632 - 698 nm
Band 4 (NIR) = 757 - 853 nm
1 meter in Pan,
4 meter in multispectral bands
Spaceborne, 680 km, polar orbit, 10:30 AM equatorial crossing

Remote sensing ground truth University of California Cooperative Extension - Kings County Ag20/20 Project.
Georeferencing and band-to-band registration Each plot is marked with 4 corners markers (4'×4' white squares)that have been GPS'd.
The markers are used for band registration & georeferencing of the airborne data.
Click here for a list of the markers position and a map
Reflectance calibration panels Click here for information about the Calibration panels
• Plant characterization data (TBD)
• Soil characterization data (TBD)

Data contents
Access to data by clicking on specific plots in the crop map shown below

Remote sensing data
  ENVI format gif format
  • 3 VNIR bands image cube with header file
  • Bands are coregistered and converted to reflectance
  • Georeferenced data
  • TIR band with header file
  • False color NDVI based on NIR and Red bands
  • Complete reflectance cube in 60 bands
  • 652 cross track pixels
  • Along track pixels depend on field size
  • ENVI header file
  • Georeferenced data
  • False color NDVI based on NIR and Red bands
  • NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index)based on NIR and Red bands.
  • NGI (Normalized Green Index) based on Green and Red bands.
  • RVSI (Red-Edge Vegetation Stress Index) based on NIR bands.
  • WI (Water Index) based on water absorption bands.
Ikonos data
  • Complete cube in 4 bands
  • ENVI Header file
  • Panchromatic band
  • Georeferenced data
  • False color NDVI based on NIR and Red bands
Ground data:
University of California Cooperative Extension - Kings County Ag20/20 Project.

ENVI Freelook is a free tool for viewing image cube files in ENVI format

For information about the California Ag.20/20 Project please contact:

Ag2020.org website
Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI)
Torrance, CA 90503
Phone (310) 371-4445
FAX (310) 796-9300
Davis, CA
Phone (530) 752-0621
FAX (530) 752-5262
Professor Susan Ustin
Shafter, CA
Phone (661) 746-8009
FAX (661) 746-1619

Work is supported with in kind contributions by: Additional participants include: The test site for this project and data are available courtesy of Mr. Ted Sheely. His enthusiastic participation, directions and contributions are acknowledged