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Variable Aperture Cold Stop - VariAp®*

OptoKnowledge can design and provide VariAp® Kits for any IR camera (hermetically sealed Stirling cooled, or repumpable) to replace a fixed cold stop

Key Features





System Features

  • Provides a continuous variable aperture / cold stop (CVA/CS) mechanism to match any f-number
  • Provides a matched f-number for different optical systems that are used with the IR camera
  • Can be set to two stops (a large f-number, and a small f-number) or as fully continuous with position feedback
  • Operates at LN2 temperature and in vacuum.
  • Only adds a low additional heat load on the cooler
  • Motor controller input: 5V or 12V DC; power consumption: 350mW per motor requiring three leads feed through

*Patented Technology

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