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Hollow Fibers Optics Solutions for UV and Visible / NIR

Visible / NIR


Connectors / Mounts

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Connector Options

Fibers can be packaged with standard SMA 905, FC/PC type connectors, or left bare. The FC connectors have a 2 mm key. With the “bare” fiber option, there is no connector on the end of the fiber.

Connector Options

Jacket Options

Fibers can be packaged with or without a protective jacket. We use standard furcation tubing, the fiber sits in an inner tube, surrounded by aramid fibers, with a PVC jacket on the outside. The jacket comes in a choice of different colors. For fibers with an ID < 750 µm, the jacket diameter is 3.0 mm, and for fibers with ID ≥ 750 µm, the jacket diameter is 3.8 mm.

Jacket Options for Hollow Waveguides

Custom Bundles

OptoKnowledge assembles custom bundles that enable delivery of multiple laser sources in a single connector. Note: the fibers are side-by-side rather than fused. In addition to hollow fibers for the Mid-IR, we can also include standard solid core fibers for visible, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths.

Hollow Waveguide Custom Bundle
Hollow Waveguide Custom Bundl

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