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Sense & Avoid

Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc (OKSI) develops closed-loop sense & avoid solutions for UAV-UGV platforms. We develop custom turn-key solutions for platforms ranging from small quadcopters up through Group 5 aerial platforms. Whether you need an active or passive solution, we have you covered! Examples of our recently implemented solutions include:

  • Single-camera structure-from-motion for long-range look-ahead and sense & avoid for fast-moving aerial platforms. We can provide up to 1,200 meter look-ahead for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aerial platforms. The 1,200 meter look-ahead provides more than 15-seconds of look-ahead for an aerial platform traveling at 150 miles per hour.
  • Dual-camera stereo vision solutions for sUAS platforms. We design custom kits with ultra low SWAP-C to provide real-time close-quarters sense & avoid.
  • LIDAR-based sense/avoid closed loop avoidance and route planning solutions for Group 1 to Group 5 aerial platforms.

If your platform need obstacle avoidance integrated into the control solution – we are your one-stop shop for sensors, algorithms, and integration. Contact us today!

Related Publications

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UAS platform real-time sense & avoid.

Example of raw range map outputs for passive ranging out to
approximately 2,000 meters.


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