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September 2014 - OptoKnowledge organizes first Special Session on Video Aided Navigation at the 2014 MSS Passive Sensors meeting.

September 2014 - OptoKnowledge presents papers on true color image fusion and hyperspectral aerosol measurements at the 2014 MSS Passive Sensors meeting.

June 2014 - SPIE NewsRoom article highlights Hyperspectral imaging of dynamic events using OptoKnowledge's 4DIS technology

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September 2014 - Scriven, G., Gat, N., Judd, K., Olson, C., DeGrassie, J., Tsintikidis, D., “Characterization of the Marine Environment at Sea-Level to Facilitate Spectral Target Detection and Identification,” MSS Passive Sensors, Gaithersburg MD (2014).

September 2014 - J. Kriesel, S. Foes, and N. Gat, "Advances in True-Color Night Vision (TCNV) Fusion", Proceedings of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS) Passive Sensors Meeting (2014).


OptoKnowledge holds multiple patents for products created as well as currently in development.

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Imaging spectroscopy: links to resources on hyperspectral & multi-spectral sensors, algorithms, & data processing applications

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