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OptoKnowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI) was founded in 1991, and has been recognized for its success in developing spectroscopy and imaging solutions for government and commercial customers (please see our main company web site). Our work in hollow fibers, actually originated with a need we had for a Mid-IR spectral imaging system that we were developing. We found that solid-core fibers were woefully lacking in many significant aspects, including transmission and robustness. We thus began our relationship with Rutgers, which later led to a joint DOE STTR that fostered the transfer of the hollow fiber technology developed at Rutgers to OptoKnowledge for commercialization. As a result we established our own hollow fiber fabrication facility in 2012 and have been continually improving upon the process ever since. OptoKnowledge now fabricates Mid-IR hollow fibers with higher transmission and better beam quality than any others reported in the literature. We will continue to advance the state of the art and push the technology including continued development of single-mode and tapered fibers.

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