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Multiple UAS Command & Control

Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc (OKSI) are specialists in coordinated command and control for teams of UAV-UGV platforms. Our multiple UAV-UGV command and control ground control software enables a single human operator to concurrently manage up to hundreds of UAV-UGV platforms. This ground control software handles all aspects of UAS command and control, including:

  • Task assignment for survey, waypoint, and persistent surveillance mission types.
  • Multi-UAS routing with collision avoidance and separation assurance.
  • System Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • GIS mapping overlays
  • Real-time sensor data streaming and display capabilities
  • Dynamic mission re-planning in the event of component failures
  • Continuous sense/avoid and collision avoidance on-the-fly
Our command and control software is hardware and operating system agnostic and can be paired to virtually any system with ease.

Whether you need the standalone software or a complete ground control station with software pre-installed - contact us today for pricing!

OKSI Flight & Payload Integration Services

We provide complete turn-key flight service solutions, including payload integration for Group 1 – Group 3 UAS platforms. We support payload design, integration, and flight services up to 100 lbs in payload weight. Contact us today for a quote on your project!

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Coordinated survey missions

Multiple waypoint delivery missions

Single operator controlling 4 UAS simultaneously
for coordinated search


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