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Pushbroom Hyperspectral Sensors for small Airborne, Laboratory, and Field Applications

Key Features




Easy-to-use Controls   HyperScan VNIR micro   Wavelength Profile

HyperVision software allows full control
and display from ground station. Ground
Station GUI showing easy-to-use controls


HyperScan VNIR micro: Shown with removable rotational stage for lab or field use,


HyperVision GUI
Wavelength Profile

System Features

  • Turnkey flight systems available with:
    • Outlaw UAV or similar
    • OptoKnowledge’s miniature, high-speed, imaging HyperScan system
    • GPS / AHRS data capture and timestamping
    • Flight computer and wireless data link
    • HyperVision provides on-board data recording and full control of system from ground station, even via low bandwidth connection (e.g., iridium satellite link); full monochrome or 3-band false color waterfall display transmitted with sufficient bandwidth
    • Independent WFOV video camera with wireless video link, for operator situational awareness
  • Automated dark frame collection
  • 2.45 nm/pixel spectral dispersion from 400 - 1000 nm
  • Built-in second-order rejection for improved radiometric / reflectance calculations

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