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HyperScan VNIR-HW

Pushbroom Hyperspectral Sensors for Airborne, Laboratory, and Field Applications

Key Features




Easy-to-use Controls   HyperScan   Spectral Profile

HyperVision GUI
Easy-to-use Controls




HyperVision GUI
Spectral Profile

Key Features

  • Turnkey system provided with computer and complete software for data capture and analysis
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Automated dark frame collection
  • Versatile scan modes for long integration time, high speed, or airborne data collection
  • Built-in second order rejection for easy radiometric / reflectance calculations
  • Versatile mounting configurations for flight, laboratory, and field
  • HyperVision Software
    • Intelligent, easy to use control software
    • Seamless Integration with GPS, AHRS, INS, and IRIG timestamping
    • Synchronizes frame rate to flight parameters
    • Independently allows control of exposure time based on lighting available

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