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Fibers for High Energy Laser Beams

Fibers for High Energy Laser Beams Hollow Core Fiber
Hollow fibers with a silver reflective coating enable convenient delivery of high energy pulsed lasers. Coupling efficiency can be near 100% and pulse dispersion is negligible. Such fibers have been used in CARS experiments, delivering 50 mJ / 5 ns pulse laser beams with wavelengths at 532 nm and 607 nm over a 5 m length.

Fiber Internal Diameter (ID)

Overall transmission in hollow fibers depends strongly on the fiber internal diameter (ID). We offer three different standard ID size options ranging from ID = 500 m to 1000 m, and all of these fibers are multimode. Bending of the fiber will affect the beam quality and lead to higher loss. For best results, an input beam should be focused straight into the hollow fiber with a relatively long focal length optic such that the focused spot size is about the fiber ID.

Silver Reflective Layer

For the visible to NIR wavelength range (λ = 400 - 1000 nm), a bare silver layer is deposited on the inside of glass capillary tubing. The surface quality of the silver layer is vitally important, and OKSI has developed coating techniques to minimize surface roughness enabling relatively high transmission.

Fiber Specs Chart
Fiber Transmission
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Related hollow fiber optics are available for additional wavelength regimes from UV up to THz including a full line of Mid-IR hollow fiber optic products designed specifically for mid-infrared applications (λ = 2 - 14 µm). Note: the coating structure for such fibers, includes a dielectric layer with composition and thickness tuned specifically for a given wavelength range.

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