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GPS-Denied Navigation

See demonstration of Video Positioning System (VPS) using a smartphone.

Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc (OKSI) is an expert in GPS-denied navigation for operating in A2AD environments, urban canyons, and indoor environments. Whether your needs are for personnel, ground-based vehicles, or for aerial platforms – we create custom solutions to meet your needs! We provide both active and passive solutions that meet your needs. Our current navigation solutions include:

  • Passive vision-based navigation:
    • Smartphone positioning for operating in indoor environment
    • Day/night capabilities for aerial platforms via image coregistration
    • Terrain-aided navigation via structure-from-motion (SfM) mapping
  • Active navigation solutions:
    • Terrain-aided LIDAR navigation
    • Online 3D environmental mapping and localization

We develop custom real-time closed-loop flight control solutions for A2AD environments. Interested in a custom navigation solution? Contact us today!

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Real-time mapping and navigation on sUAS platform.

Example of a 2 UAS flight performing mapping and navigation in real-time.

Smartphone based A2AD navigation solution.


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