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First-Responder Command and Control

See demonstration of Video Positioning System (VPS) using a smartphone.

First responders (FR) including firefighters, law enforcement, EMS, SWAT, search & rescue, and others, often must enter buildings in search of victims, or navigate through structures where present technologies have not provided adequate geolocation. First Responders may not be always aware of evolving hazards in their surroundings, and may themselves be in distress. The requirement for tracking personnel in 3D on smartphone devices with networking to route location, physiological status, and voice is a requirement for FR.

Our navigation solution leverages a combination of sensors from smartphone devices, including:

  • Barometer
  • IMU
  • Camera(s)

We tie these data streams together in order to produce a high-quality navigation solution for First Responders.

Opto-Knowledge Systems Inc (OKSI) are experts in real-time vision-based GPS-denied navigation and command and control. We have developed a real-time smartphone GPS-denied navigation application that provides position / attitude information in real-time for users operating within denied environments. Furthermore, we have implemented a complete command and control software that continuously monitors up to hundreds of users in real-time and maps their positions into a GIS map.

Contact us today for a quote for our smartphone navigation application and/or our command and control software!

Example of a single user navigating in GPS-denied setting in real-time on a smartphone streaming position and data over the network to the command and control station.

Multiple smartphone users live streaming to our command and control software. Users are navigating in real-time in GPS-denied conditions and streaming their positions and other data (e.g., imagery) to the command and control software in real-time.


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System Features

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