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Mid Infrared Fiber Optic Store

Welcome to the Mid Infrared Fiber Optic Store. This site is devoted to hollow fiber optic waveguides and associated optical assemblies for the mid-infrared (Mid-IR) wavelength range (λ = 2 16 µm), including optimal fiber solutions for quantum cascade lasers (QCL), interband cascade lasers (ICL), carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, and broadband thermal sources (e.g., FTIR). Standard off-the-shelf products are available for on-line purchasing. In addition, forms are provided for designing your own custom fiber patch cables and optical coupling assemblies.
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Hollow Core Fiber high_energy_fibers-3

Single-mode and multi-mode hollow fiber patch cables for the entire Mid-IR wavelength range [details].


Optical Assemblies for Hollow Waveguide

OptoKnowledge Mid-IR optical assemblies for optimal coupling into hollow fiber patch cables [details].


Beam Profiles of Hollow Core Fiber

Additional information and example uses, highlighting the utility of Mid-IR hollow fiber optics [details].

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