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Calibration Services

Calibration services for EO/IR imaging sensors and spectrometers.




Ground Truth


Airborne sensors are often used to quantify ground parameters such as spatial distribution of spectral reflectance or radiance.

While airborne instruments can be well calibrated in the laboratory, the calibration may shift due to the flight dynamic conditions and temperature variations between the lab and the airborne platform. Moreover, the airborne instrument is subject to atmospheric path radiance, absorption, and scattering. The solution often requires ground truthing techniques.

OptoKnowledge designs, conducts, and provides ground truth measurements and tools. These include large calibration panels with well charaterized diffuse gray level, man-portable sensors, and special field rigs for carrying overhead sensors that view the ground from above. In addition, radiometers, and full meteorolical stations can be provided for a more comprehensive analysis of the airborne data.

All such measurements are designed to provide the ground truth for assessing the performance of the airborne sensor and comparing the airborne data to the known ground reference targets.

Ground Truthing   Ground Truthing   Ground Truthing











Mobile Field Sensor Platform - "Baby Jogger"

The “Baby Jogger” uses 20” wheels and allows for an easy access into rows of plants. Applications include plant physiology studies, ground truthing for remote sensing application, and other precision farming activities.

The platform folds and fits in the back of a van. Unfolding and assembly is done in about 15 minutes. The platform has a shelf for a computer and an adjustable jib arm for raising and lowering the sensor. The jib arm height above the ground is adjustable and maximum height depends on the sensor weight. The wheel spacing is adjustable to fit between rows of various crops and planting practices.

For more information on some of our previous work related to the use of hyperspectral and thermal imaging for precision farming, please take a look at the Ag2020 website.

Mobile Field Sensor Platform - "Baby Jogger"
Mobile platform shown with an LCTF based hyperspectral system
at the end of the jib arm.






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