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Hyperspectral Sensors

Pushbroom and snapshot Hyperspectral Sensors for Airborne, Laboratory, and Field Applications [details]


Mid-Infrared Fiber Store

Mid Infrared Hollow Fiber Optic Store featuring hollow core fiber optic patch cables for the entire mid infrared wavelength range, as well as hollow fibers for UV, Visible, and NIR, and a complete line of optical assemblies.


October 2018  - OKSI with its Israeli partner SayVU Technologies were selected as finalist and participated in the Urban Navigation Technology (in GPS denied environments) that was conducted at the Ze’elim facility in Israel... Read More

May 2018  - OKSI’s technology support testing of reusable rocket engines.

January 2018  - OKSI announces the introduction of plastic hollow core fiber optics for mid infrared, as well visible and NIR wavelengths.

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