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Color Night Vision - Fusion (TCNV-F)

Fusion with Thermal Infrared

Key Features





TCNV ViewThe human brain is wired to think in color; in particular comprehension is improved when the colors in an image are “natural” or “true” and match everyday experience. Studies have shown that soldiers react more quickly to true-color images, and also have more accurate identification rates. The information available in color is critical. "Follow the red car," "the guys with the blue helmets are UN troops," or even the entire message of a warning sign can be implicit in the color. However, standard night vision camera systems either produce no color (monochrome or grayscale) or false-colors, which do not match everyday experiences and can actually be detrimental to many imaging tasks. On the other hand, OptoKnowledge has been developing True-Color Night Vision (TCNV) technology for several years utilizing various technologies that utilize the information inherent in color.
Recently we have been combining or “fusing” the TCNV images with thermal infrared imagery, where the latter provides critical information particularly in low light situations. A man standing in a dark shadow next to a tree - he's hidden in the color, but he's bright in the infrared. TCNV-Fusion provides real time imagery, showing the colors of the scene fused with infrared information in a way that does not distort the color information or wash it out. Systems are being developed for light and heavy duty ground vehicles, fixed and rotational winged platforms, and dismounted soldiers, as well as for civilian use in the automotive industry, providing better night vision systems for high end vehicles.

Color Visible Thermal Fused Fused at Close Range

Color Visible






Fused at Close Range

Key Features

  • Fusion of Low Light Level color visible and thermal infrared imagery.
  • Day / night operation
  • Color information retained for scene understanding and identification
  • Thermal information used for detection and imaging in total darkness
  • Real time processing with no latency
  • Variable fusion parameters with real-time control
  • Compatible with (and displays) near infrared laser aiming devices as well as red, green, or other laser designators / pointers.

Key Facts

  • Improves operator scene understanding
  • Reduces response time
  • Allows better communication and coordination at night since objects are more easily identifiable.

Key Specifications

  • Real-time fusion test bed
  • User-selectable output: color, thermal, or fused; output simultaneously available via Digital Camera Link and Analog NTSC.
  • Interactive parameter control via LCD GUI

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