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Products and Technologies

Hyperspectral   EO/IR Systems   Spectroscopy

OptoKnowledge has been developing hyperspectral imaging systems for 20+ years. Since 1991, OptoKnowledge has developed sensors using a wide variety of instrument types and has been continuously improving the software control system for our sensors.

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OptoKnowledge develops various broadband imaging sensors spanning the electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) wavelength ranges. Sensors are developed for a range of remote sensing, force protection, and security applications.

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OptoKnowledge develops custom spectrometers, as well as laser-based spectroscopy systems. In addition to hardware, we develop supporting algorithms and techniques to aid in exploitation of spectroscopic data.

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Video Positioning   Hollow Fibers   Custom Sensors

The GPS signal is available almost anywhere in the world, though interference, whether unintentional (strong transmissions) or intentional (for military, when an enemy is jamming GPS signals actively), can reduce or eliminate GPS signals.

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OptoKnowledge has collaborated with Rutgers University on the fabrication of hollow core fibers for a range of applications. The fibers are fabricated by coating hollow glass tubing with a reflective silver layer.

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OptoKnowledge has been developing systems to Convert Light into Knowledge for many years. Throughout those years, we’ve made many products for many customers.

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