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OptoKnowledge has a facility consisting of over 14,000 sq. ft. of office/lab space located about 15 minutes driving time from Los Angeles airport (LAX). We have a full electro optics sensor and electronics development laboratory which includes, but is not limited to, radiometric and spectral calibration and test equipment, various light sources, calibration standards, reflectance standards, black bodies, optical and optomechanical components (optical benches, breadboards, mounts, etc.), electronic test equipment, signal generators, vacuum pumping capability, leak detection, and cryogenic cooling. In addition, we have a machine shop for fast prototyping and a dedicated area for fabrication of hollow core fiber optics.

OptoKnowledge Building   OptoKnowledge Office   OptoKnowledge Calibration Lab
OptoKnowledge Machine Shop   OptoKnowledge Warehouse   OptoKnowledge Lab

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