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Optical assemblies for coupling into Mid-IR hollow fibers

Standard Products

Focal length / Coating

Connectors / Mounts

Build Your Own


Connector Options

Optical assemblies are available with mating connectors for either SMA or FC terminated fiber cables.


Mounting Options

Coupling optics can be mounted to an optical bench (i.e., free-space) or directly to a Daylight Solutions laser head. Free-space (FS) versions are available with either metric (M4) or imperial (#8-32) threads for attaching to a post. Our standard Daylight (DL) mount attaches to the laser head of CW/Pulsed, Unicorn, and Uber-Tuner models and can also be used on Mode Hop-Free models with an adapter. A different version (DMC) is available for direct mounting to the Daylight MIRcat laser, although this requires manufacturer modifications to the MIRcat housing. If there are any questions, please provide your specific laser model #, and we will let you know which mount is appropriate.

QCL Coupling
Mid IR Fiber Coupling Mid IR FIber Bench Mount

OAP Assemblies

For highly broadband applications, as well as those in which back reflections from an AR coated lens are a concern, we offer optical assemblies that utilize off-axis-parabolic (OAP) mirrors instead of lenses. Note: OAP assemblies are more difficult to align than lens assemblies. If an OAP is required, please inquire about available options.

Mid IR OAP Fiber

Collimation/Focusing Assemblies

OptoKnowledge can design custom optics that are optimized for the low-divergence output beam exiting a hollow fiber. This includes simple single lens designs for collimation, as well as, complex high-NA, multi-element designs for focusing to a diffraction limited spot.

Mid IR Collimator
Three lens focuser

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