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Hemispherical Vehicle Sensor

OptoKnowledge is developing an intelligent hemispherical Situational Awareness (SA) system for armored vehicles. The SA system will provide a high resolution, low latency view of the scene around the vehicle. The view provided is equivalent to a soldier being able to look out of a clear dome in the top of the vehicle. Real-time computing architecture is being utilized to perform image stabilization, image stitching, high dynamic range image capture, low latency blast detection, etc.

The SA system's hardware is based around low-cost consumer mobile cameras and processors. The amazing capabilities and low size, weight, power, and cost of these devices has allowed us to propose a novel and intelligent computing architecture that can take advantage of built-in hardware (i.e., cameras and other sensing hardware) redundancy. Hardware redundancy makes the SA system extremely robust—even when operating in a harsh combat environment. In addition, redundancy reduces maintenance cost and makes the system repairable in field with no need to ship back to depot.

Hemispherical Vehicle Sensor

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