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Current News

October 2020

OptoKnowledge exapnds our technological reach by launching fiber optic and sensor spinoff company, Guiding Photonics LLC.

October 2018

OKSI with its Israeli partner SayVU Technologies were selected as finalist and participated in Urban Navigation Technology (in GPS denied environments) that was conducted at the Ze’elim facility in Israel.  The event was sponsored by the US Department of Defense (CTTSO), Israel Ministry of Defense (MAFAT), and the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel.

May 2018

OKSI’s technology support testing of reusable rocket engines.

March 2018

OKSI receives BEST PAPER AWARD! HolmesParker, C., Friedman, S., Waree, N., Gat, N., “Real-Time ATR on sUAS via Deep Learning,” 2018 Meeting of the Military Sensing Symposia (MSS) Specialty Committee on Passive Sensors, 19-22 March, 2018, Gaithersburg, MD.

January 2018

OKSI announces the introduction of plastic hollow core fiber optics for mid infrared, as well visible and NIR wavelengths.

November 2017

OKSI is selected by the US Department of Energy (DOE) for development of new gas sensor technology for power plants utilizing mid-infrared spectroscopy.

July 2017

OKSI is selected by NASA to develop a drone-borne version of their hollow fiber based gas sensor.

May 2017

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) selected OKSI for a Phase II SBIR award to develop an underwater methane isotope sensor utilizing OKSI’s proprietary hollow fiber based laser gas sensor.

July 2016

OKSI was selected for funding by the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation for a project to Foster Advanced Technologies for First Responders.

July 2015

OptoKnowledge's Mid-IR fibers and gas sensing technology featured in Laser Focus World.

May 2015

New Mid-IR Fiber Store launched to enable convenient online ordering of infrared fiber optic patch cables and associated optical assemblies.

September 2014

OptoKnowledge organizes first Special Session on Video Aided Navigation at the 2014 MSS Passive Sensors meeting.

September 2014

OptoKnowledge presents papers on true color image fusion and hyperspectral aerosol measurements at the 2014 MSS Passive Sensors meeting.

June 2014

SPIE NewsRoom article highlights Hyperspectral imaging of dynamic events using OptoKnowledge's 4DIS technology.

May 2014

OptoKnowledge to present recent results on optical health monitoring of rocket engines using passive spectroscopy at the upcoming JANNAF Propulsion Meeting in Charleston, SC.

May 2014

OptoKnowledge to demonstrate new Mid-infrared sensing technology at the MIRTHE led "Workshop on Early Stage Technology Commercialization" at SPIE DSS.

March 2014

Stanford researchers in the Hanson group describe Scramjet combustion diagnostics that utilize a custom bifurcated hollow fiber developed by OptoKnowledge. Paper can be accessed here.

February 2014

Results demonstrating the use of hollow fibers for mode filtering mid-infrared laser beams presented at SPIE Photonics West. Full paper.

February 2014

PNNL researchers present improvements in isotope ratio measurements by utilizing hollow fibers from OptoKnowledge as the gas cell in their mid-infrared spectroscopy sensor. Paper can be accessed here.

May 2013

OptoKnowledge participated in Aegis BMD missile intercept test (FTM-19).  Unique data was collected using our SWIR and VNIR 4DIS sensors flown on an MDA airborne platform (HALO-I).

April 2013

OptoKnowledge performs NASA ocean-color flight mission using our airborne AquaScan hyperspectral sensor. The data collect involved a coordinated effort with ship-based sensors from Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO).

March 2013

US Patent Office officially approves patent for OptoKnowledge’s MSTIR invention, “Multispectral Uncooled Thermal Infrared Camera System”, Patent# US 2011/0169962 A1.

February 2013

OptoKnowledge deploys a suite of visible and infrared wavelength hyperspectral and imaging sensors on board the HALO-I aircraft in support of Aegis BMD (FTM-20).

January 2013

OptoKnowledge participates in rocket engine tests at Edwards Air Force base in effort to study potential spectral signatures of engine fatigue and failure.

October 2012

OptoKnowledge utilizes novel sensor in study of human stress due to deceit and intent conducted in collaboration with the University of Houston’ s Computational Physiology Lab.

September 2012

Complete fiber optic laser delivery and signal measurement system for Coherent Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (CARS) developed by OptoKnowledge successfully demonstrated in measurements of the exhaust from a jet engine at the UTSI / AEDC test facility in Tennessee.

June 2012

OptoKnowledge deploys VNIR and SWIR hyperspectral imaging sensors in 2 week long data collect measuring Navy related targets in and around the San Diego Bay.


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