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Company History

Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OptoKnowledge) was founded in 1991 by Dr. Nahum Gat specifically to capitalize on the emergence of novel applications for imaging spectroscopy systems. He brought with him years of experience working as a project manager for a large prime contractor in the aerospace and defense industry. His leadership experience also includes combat missions as an armored battalion commander during his service in the Israeli Army from 1969-1974.

For over two decades, OptoKnowledge has been a leader in the advanced research and development of custom sensors and software for remote sensing. Our expertise in all aspects of system construction, operation, and data exploitation sets us apart from other small companies and enables us to efficiently provide complete custom solutions. Often this includes the design, construction, testing, and integration of sensor systems, as well as the development and utilization of analysis software. Our mission is to provide effective hardware and software tools that enable the collection and interpretation of optical information (converting light into knowledge) for law enforcement, security, defense, agriculture, and medical applications. We thrive on delivering "turn-key" solutions to problems where off-the-shelf products do not exist.

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