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About OptoKnowledge

OptoKnowledge specializes in the development of turn-key electro-optical sensor systems covering the UV, VNIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR. Primarily, OptoKnowledge develops systems that combine imaging and spectroscopy, including the mechanical assembly (high vacuum dewars for cryogenic operations), electronics, optics, computer interface and signal acquisition, algorithms for signal and data processing. OptoKnowledge excels in R&D projects where off-the-shelf solutions are unavailable.

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Postal Address
19805 Hamilton Avenue
Torrance, CA 90502-1341
Telephone 1.310.756.0520
Fax 1.310.756.0511

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Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OptoKnowledge) was founded in 1991 by Dr. Nahum Gat specifically to capitalize on the emergence of novel applications for imaging spectroscopy systems.

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OptoKnowledge works to help bring technology out of the lab and into the field by commercializing university research and/or developing complete systems

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We have a long track record of successfully delivering sensors and algorithms to government agencies, universities, and commercial companies.

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OptoKnowledge is looking for a few good men and women.

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OptoKnowledge has a facility consisting of over 14,000 sq. ft. of office/lab space located about 15 minutes driving time from Los Angeles airport (LAX).

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